Royalty Moonlight, Reg. AQHA  One classes colt  one of the most athletic colt I have ever seen. He already slides to stop and can turn unreal.   Sire One Time Royalty,  Dam Catndancer.  Color tested Ee/Aa dark brown

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Double Barrel, Reg.  AQHA & APHA, Stud Colt, Sire Mr Yella Trendsetter Dam Independentlee Honey

Doc Ernie Telesis, Reg. AQHA  Sire Lenas Telesis  Dam  Miss Tele Remedy.

Son and Grandson of the great Lenas Telesis.


Pippy Longstockins, Reg. AQHA &APHA  Beautiful golden Palomino filly.  Sire Mr Yella Trendsetter, Dam Chex Nic Bella Jack.

Sold    ( Placed 5th in world APHA show)

Yella Pocahontas, Reg. APHA, Going to be a big Palomino Tob girl. Sir Mr Yella Trendsetter, Dam KP Otoes Ruby Splash.

died in accident..

Lenas Shiny Sadie, Reg. AQHA.  Sadie was kicked as a Baby and broke her elbow so she is broodmare sound may be light riding.

Sire Lenas Telesis, Dam Shesa Shiny Cat.

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